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Subject: The Exterminator Sports Betting System

My friend,

I am the celebrated creator of the world-famous betting system that's taken the industry by storm...

Years back I found the perfect hobby to combine both my passions for sports and mathematics in the thrilling world of sports betting. Since the dawn of the millennium I’ve spent untold hours turning over every stone in the land in an aspiring pursuit to develop the ultimate sports betting system.

At last, my years of back-breaking research finally led me to that fleeting pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when...


"I finally deciphered the elusive code to a mind-altering sports betting system"


My breakthrough discovery led to the creation of a revolutionary sports betting system, as I boldly set off on a relentless journey to spread the secrets of this astounding system to the market, and share the exquisite fruits of my labor to every bettor in the land.

The proof in my betting system's pudding was as clear as it was overwhelming, as thousands of my raving customers would sing praises to attest to its landmark success...



The betting system gave me the opportunity to witness some of the most mind-blowing results ever seen in the industry. Its success was so widespread that the players who wagered under my betting system ran the online sportsbook BetJoint out of business. As a result, its owner Mark Roberts sold his sportsbook, bought a copy of my betting system, and became a player forever to make back his losses. To my knowledge, no betting system has ever been previously responsible for putting a large-scale sportsbook operation out of business in world history.

Mark Roberts, CEO and founder of the online sportsbook BetJoint.com, wrote me this letter below after his sportsbook shut down because of my system players who kept winning tens of thousands from him a week over a 2-year period! He swears to its incredible success in this eye-opening letter below:

Mark Roberts was the CEO, owner, and founder of the former online sportsbook named BetJoint.com. He has also ran numerous other prominent bookmaking operations throughout his prolific 35-year career in the online sports gambling industry, including JazzSports, BetHorizon, BetAtlas, and many others. His company BetJoint.com went out of business because of my system players who consistently won tens of thousands from his sportsbook a week over a 2-year period. As he tells his fascinating story in the letter below: In over 35 years of running bookmaking operations, Mark Roberts has never seen anything like it in his life. BetJoint's owner is now permanently retired from the gambling business due to the betting system. He has since purchased his own copy of my betting system and is now using it to make back his losses he suffered as a bookie.


My sports betting systems have been life-changing for countless people. I receive (literally!) thousands of genuine, heartfelt testimonials from people just like you telling me how the system has worked for them, and it has brought me to tears as I read over some of these absolutely incredible stories.

I'm going to share with you how to get in on my blockbuster system in just a minute. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself...

Click here to view a full list of THOUSANDS of customer testimonialS!

My name is Tony Chau.

      Tony Chau

I was raised in the poor slums of Vietnam where where our homes were cramped together like a carnival concession stand, smelling of spoiled garbage and sour washrags. Every day felt like a struggle for survival:

This was the torn apart shack I called home during my years of my childhood.

But poverty never weakened my resolve. Armed with an infinite desire to carve a new path and forever change the course of my fortunes, I began to take zealous, religious-like passion in mathematics.

Day and night, I would study math until numbers would start coming out of my ears!

Soon, the results would start coming in...

By 7th grade I had written a near-thousand page long math word problem featured on television, and eventually submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.


Me at 13 years old posing with my creation of the world's longest math problem.

But that's isn't all! By 8th grade I went on to develop a number of previously undiscovered mathematical discoveries. My most significant discovery became to be known as the universal rules of divisibility for all known integers that was requested for publishing by a prominent math journal.

My passion for math and sports continued throughout all my life, culminating at a ground-breaking milestone when I came across a betting system that’s completely changed my life, and thousands of other peoples’ lives in absolutely remarkable ways.

After a breathtaking run, I began delving into the stat sheet again with every fiber of my body in a tenacious pursuit to develop an intensive sports betting system that can outshine, outclass, and outpace my original system in every conceivable way...

Well, the wait is over.


“I'm about to unleash before your very eyes the same exact idiot-proof system that can potentially catapult you from Joe Schmoe to betting profits star!”


Grab your piece of the sports winning pie today with my grand release of The Exterminator Sports Betting System.

NHL player Mark Desantis says the Exterminator system's "results are outstanding! If you follow through with it, you'll see how successful it really is!"

Mark Desantis played professional hockey for 16 years. His talent was so exceptional that the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League signed him to a professional contract right out of his junior year!


Whether you're a die-hard gambler, a sports enthusiast, or even someone who hates betting and can't stand sports but wants to simply make piles of money doing what might be the world’s easiest job -- You need to stop everything you're doing, and pay close attention to what could be the silver lining to your darkest clouds.

The Exterminator Betting System is the ultimate successor to my industry-sweeping system that has made life-changing profits for countless people across the globe!


"Experience the power, confidence, and sheer unbridled joy of putting your money on the winners with a proven betting system"


I've done all the heavy-duty lifting for you, unloading every vein of my body to research and develop a ruthlessly-efficient betting system that has the capacity to never stop dropping regular intervals of cash right into your bank account!

The Exterminator Betting System is a plug-and-profit system that mechanically picks out particular bets on teams where extensive historical evidence have shown exceptional chances of betting success. Depending on the size of your wager, each bet can routinely pull in thousands in heart-thumping winnings into your account. Not bad for a 5-minute job!


Here's a sneak peek at how I spent one of my days:

        With an obnoxious smiley grin , place a time-tested bet that fell under the betting criteria of the system:

        Laugh hysterically as my team humiliates its foe:

        Leisurely stroll out to my personal Lamborghini

        at all the ladies along the way before arriving to the sportsbook!

        Come in and collect $21,997.80 in cold, hard cash winnings!

How does the possibility of making over $20,000.00 after a sports game for doing almost nothing sound to you?

Want to see more?

Day Wager Made  Winning Final Score :) 
Day #1    
Day #2    
Day #3    

That's $56,732.40 in bank-breaking winnings that I had amassed over just 3 days betting on sports using my superhuman-like sports betting system!

How does the prospect of making that kind of hands-free winnings over just days for simply betting on sports sound to you? Have I gotten your attention yet!

Now, let's be realistic here that you probably won't be cashing in on tens of thousands in winning bets on each and every single day of the year without fail. In fact, when it comes to betting you always need to be prepared for the prospect of losing on your bets as well. No betting system will ever to get you 100% undefeated wins for eternity.

But how would you feel to tap into a deadly-powerful betting system that has historically been proven again and again through decades of mind-bending research, producing results that has snowballed a bankroll from scratch into a final balance in the hundreds of thousands for just minutes of time a day!?

The miraculous success of my betting system launched me from poverty-stricken squalor to celebrity internet millionaire

How would you feel to witness avalanches of oven-fresh winnings surging into your bank account when the sports games are played!?


"Just imagine for a second what it would
be if YOU can have this kind of a lifestyle!"


Now, what if I tell you that you may just be an arm's length away from discovering a relentless system with the potential to explode your income like a spaceship about to take flight - starting as early as tonight!?

Rodney "Spud" Kulbe's wife Terri Kulbe is stricken with devastating stage 4 advanced breast cancer that has since spread to her liver, neck, and chest. Rodney relies on the Exterminator Betting System as a source of income to help save his wife's life!


Terri Kulbe has suffered through 6 (!!) horrific battles with cancer. She bravely fights on with the help of winnings made from the Exterminator Betting System.

Terri Kulbe Testimonial

Former NCAA Football Player for the Temple Owls Andrew Coleman says "I've had phenomenal success, and I'm really so grateful to have stumbled across this betting system!...It has absolutely been an amazing journey!..."

Andrew Coleman played Division 1 NCAA Football for the Temple Owls. He has been a part of my betting system since the year 2008. He sent me this heartfelt video below in 2015, after 8 years of using my program to testify to the sweeping success he's enjoying with my betting system!

Cheating your way to a titanic income is all possible with my latest release: The Exterminator Sports Betting System.

Before I explain to you how my Exterminator Betting System works, I want to first explain to you how my original betting system works, the same exact system that has literally drove a sportsbook out of business, and rallied thousands of bettors on a winning expedition unlike anything they may have imagined.


How did my original betting system work? It's simple. The system boasts a 97% win rate on your bets, with each "bet" being specified as a bet of a 3-game betting series where you're betting that one particular team will win at least one time in a 3-game series.

The system mechanically picks out certain teams where statistics have shown that under very specific conditions, they are exceptionally likely to win at least 1 time out of 3 specific games. Therefore, when one of those series come up, a bettor would then place a wager for them to win the first game. If the first bet is lost, a 2nd bet is then made to recoup the loss on the first bet, plus to make a profit. Similarly, a final 3rd wager can potentially be placed if the first 2 bets lose in order to recoup previous losses, while also generating a profit.

In the specific conditions as outlined in my original betting system, you'd be able to precisely identify which 3-game series have a remarkable possibility of betting success. Under these guidelines, members of my system successfully helped bettors place wagers at towering rates of winning success, paving their history in the annals of sports winnings that they had never thought was possible!

Andrej Josić lives in Croatia where little is known about American sports. That didn't stop Andrej from cashing out like a rockstar with the Exterminator Betting System! He says: "I can't believe how good results have been, win after win after win, every bet is like 100% safe!"

Andrej Josić lives in from Croatia where American sports are little-known.



Just imagine, your entire 5-minute "work" process each day can be as simple as:

        Check your email for my picks (or determine the picks yourself following the system's picking guidelines)

        Place your bets with untouchable winning confidence

        Lay back and watch the winnings come flooding in!

As much mind-blowing success as my original system enjoyed over the years, there has always been a rumbling that losing a 3-game betting series under the system could amount to a hurtful hit to one's bankroll. That, coupled with the idea that wagers under the system may require unfavorable risk-to-reward ratio per bet due to point-buying stopped it just shy of being the perfect betting system...

Now, let me cast your worries to the outer galaxy. The "Champ" has arrived with a rampaging bulldozer on a mission to eradicate those concerns FOREVER with my latest: The Exterminator Sports Betting System!

A catastrophic hunting accident left Brent Forsman paralyzed. Now, he relies on betting along with my Exterminator betting system as the source of his income. He says: "I've tripled my bankroll with the Exterminator system!...The proven results speak for themselves!"

While climbing a tree during hunting, one of Brent Forsman's steps gave away while he was 18 feet in the air. His catastrophic fall resulted in a brutal broken back that's left him paralyzed, and flooded in hopeless medical bills.

My newest and latest release is the crowning pinnacle of sports winning achievement. The Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting System vows to:

        Forever exterminate the need to chase your bets. This means that you will never have to increase your stakes after a loss in order to recoup your losses. Every bet can be made independently while still enjoying a similar extraordinary winning success!

        Forever exterminate the need to buy points on your bets. My original betting system required buying points in order to give yourself a small advantage. For example, buying 3 points in the NBA allows you to win your bet even though your team loses by 3 more points than usual. It's a safety net which in return requires you to risk more to win less. The Exterminator System will forever settle the idea of point-buying in its grave. You'll be making honest-to-goodness straight wagers where you mostly don't need to risk any more than $110 for every $100 you want to win.

        Forever exterminate the need to commit yourself to any kind of a betting series. The 97% win heroics of the original system demanded for a commitment to a 3-game series, where the rare incident of losing a series could potentially put a damper on your bankroll. The Exterminator system forever purges all of your need for commitment to any kind of a betting series, allowing you to make wagers independently and individually at eye-popping rates of winning success!

        Introduces the all-new Exterminator Bankroll Management System that minimizes your risks, while having the capacity to turn a small bankroll into fortunes over the years. This slick bankroll management system is an entirely new and inventive system to allow you to make stress-free wagers with the confidence that you can minimize your risk exposure, while still having the capacity to turn a bankroll from scratch into affluence over the years. All of this are fully documented and accessible upon your entry into the Exterminator Sports Betting System.

Imagine if there was a simple, template-driven way to profit on sports...A money-making tactic so revolutionary yet so stupid-simple that a total sports and betting greenie could use to potentially stockpile tens of thousands of winning profits in a short time for barely lifting a finger...

Imagine that while laying to rest all of the dangerous pitfalls of betting systems that require you to increase your stakes to recover previous losses, or wagering on games with dreadful risk-to-reward ratios...

Your wait is over.


The Renegade Champ Finally Unleashes The Exterminator Sports Betting System!


This ferocious beast is about to be uncaged onto an eager market. You have the reach-for-the-stars opportunity today to bring home the monstrosity and discharge it loose onto the unsuspecting sportsbooks as you potentially begin a hardcore, cash-pulling money siphon betting process so magical, it's almost immoral! You can be put this gilt-edged system to work for you today to begin raiding the sportsbooks in broad daylight for possible gains of up to thousands and more as the sports games are played!


Click here to view a full list of THOUSANDS of customer testimonialS!

Imagine the hordes of people who used my original betting system to record-breakin success, documented through thousands of genuine, heartfelt testimonials all over the globe. Imagine that, then amp up its volume to the deathliest tones.

But look, talk is cheap. I could be sitting here until the roosters crow going on about how my Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting System may be the best thing invented since toilet paper…

But I won’t do that because the truth is, I don't need to. There are simply too many wannabe experts on the internet acting crafty behind a screen. What separates me from the other wishful sports 'gurus' and so-called handicappers that can't pick their own nose is that my reputation and history is fully established, and the thousands of my own customers who are raving like rabid fans about just how well my system has served them, and how much winnings they continue to make year after year after year like a never-ending stream...

Just how well does my Exterminator Betting System work you ask?

"Let me murder all of your doubts with an improbable worst-case scenario!"


Let's just say that you are dead broke on your last $500. Yes, just $500 to your name and not a penny more to embark on the sports betting expedition of your lifetime...

Starting with a $500 bankroll, The Exterminator NBA betting system alone recorded a chart-topping growth to well over $100,000 in just over 300 days of bets! And that's all with just the NBA alone, without even touching the incredible success of the Exterminator NFL and MLB systems!

And this is no pie in the sky. The results are real, documented, and all verifiable in front of your eyes with no smoke or mirrors attached. As soon as you secure access to my celebrated Exterminator Betting System, you'll be given complete, unhindered access to all of the documented records going back to the year 2000 to provide you with a full bird's eye view of just how astonishingly well the system has performed over the decades through simple straight wagers -- all without chasing, point-buying, or committing yourself to any kind of a betting series. That's right, you could have flourished that $500 bank into a final balance in the hundreds of thousands in just simple straight wagers where you're mostly not risking any more than $110 for every $100 you want to win!

And remember...this is all considering the improbable worst-case, dead-broke scenario where you only have $500 to start! Can you just imagine what kind of a hair-raising fortune you could have amassed if you had started out with $1,000? $5,000? $10,000?

Although past results don't guarantee future performance, they can be a powerful indication. I have laid out the entire documented record going all the way back up to 2000 to give you the peace of confidence that my Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting Systems have stood the extensive test of time. All of the records are fully and readily accessible as soon as you secure your copy.


"That sounds fantastic, Tony! But how exactly does your Exterminator Betting system work?"

The Exterminator Betting System will expose to you a simple, step-by-step formula that lets you pick out winning bets in sports at a startling historical consistency.
In the NFL (American football), you'll discover a way to determine when a team is vastly overrated, and bet against those teams that are clearly not as good as what they may seem to be. Similarly, the system will also show you a way to determine when a team is vastly underrated, allowing you to bet on those teams who may actually may be much better than what the betting lines may indicate. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to look over a few key pieces of statistics to piece together which NFL teams you should bet on, and which NFL teams you should bet against.

In the NBA (basketball), you'll discover an eye-opening way determine certain scenarios where a team, upon losing a game based on very specific criteria, will have good likelihood of covering on their next game. Historically, data has shown over decades of research that when an NBA team loses a game under these specific circumstances, that their chance of covering on their next game becomes dramatically higher. The Exterminator NBA Betting system will teach you exactly what the specific circumstance is, to allow you the ability to bet on those games that has historically proven to be bets of tremendous value.

In the MLB (baseball), you'll discover a method on how to bet on certain MLB teams based on their scheduling which has historically shown to be good value bets. Certain times of the year, and certain conditions surrounding the playing teams involved will dictate who you should be betting on, and how much action you should be putting on the teams. I'll reveal to you why there's a certain month of the year when certain teams are more likely to win under specific scenarios. You'll be able to take advantage of that knowledge by betting on the team that has historically shown to be likely to win!

When I first saw with my own eyes the system's unthinkable winning results throughout the decades, I literally could not believe my eyes. Something had to be wrong here. How was it possible that this betting system had won so extensively at such laser-precision for so little risks involved? Something had to be off somewhere.

So I went back and redid everything again, starting back from scratch to backtest the system all over again from 2000 to verify that I hadn't made a glaring booboo somewhere, because quite honestly...what I had in front of me felt way too good to be true.

To my shock and awe, everything checked out exactly as I had gathered the first time around:

        From 2001 to 2012, the Exterminator NBA Betting System alone grew a bankroll of $500 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

        The Exterminator MLB Betting System introduces an entirely new angle where certain types of bets have never lost for as far back as I have tested it.

        The Exterminator NFL Betting System has turned a $1,000 bankroll into a final balance of $44,709.59 on just 44 bets over the years! It went for a PERFECT 10-0 in its last 10 bets as of this writing. It has never had a losing season through as far back as I tested it a decade ago. And remember, these are all just straight bets where you don't have to risk any more than $110 for every $100 you want to win!



Celebrated author Kim Hastings says: "Your systems are delightful. I have won many hundreds of dollars through my use of them!"

Kim Hastings is a respected published author with five novels to his name. His third novel, "Angel of Mercy," charted in the Amazon adult contemporary inspirational fiction category in the prestigious #7 spot.

Stop frantically looking around trying to find that secret magic formula to making quick cash. The answer to your fanciful prayers may just be sitting right in front of you, right now! 

Jumping on the betting system with real money was a no brainer when I first discovered my sports betting system. When I finally banked in my first $1,000+ bet overnight at the click of a button as the sports games were played, my mind became awestruck. There I was, thinking about all the people who are still beating their heads against the wall, trying to figure out what in the world they can do to make some real money... while all it took for me to swell up my wallet by more than a thousand fat dollar bills in one day was just a simple click of a button to bet on my favorite sports team... Are you ****in' kidding me??

It felt too good to be true… even for me to believe!

And then it happened again...then again...and again, all while I was kicking back, beer in one hand and pizza in another while lounging back in my favorite Lazyboy as the sports games were played! At times, I was pulling in more eye-popping income in a few days than what many people I knew made in years...and all that for spending just a few minutes betting under my rapid-cash-grab betting system.


Chief Operating Officer of Weiser Security Leonard Kline says: "The Exterminator system is terrific!"

"My mind-numbing years of exhaustive research has at last paid off in crowning glory as the cryptic combination to the master lock of betting profits had cracked open. And in it, the delicious bounty can finally be relished, forever!"


Today marks the grand release of my exterminating betting system that might just bust a multi-billion dollar gambling industry wide open for a time-limited number of betting wealth profiteers!

Stop dismembering your own hard-earned bankroll on sports. Snatch my latest release out of my hands right now and you can start giving your sports betting ventures a fresh shot of anabolic steroids. It's a devilishly simple, yet totally new and revolutionary, profit-harvesting system that might just have you legally pick-pocketing the sportsbooks in broad daylight!


Click here to view a full list of THOUSANDS of customer testimonialS!

Once you tap into my smashing insider betting method, nothing may become as easy and simple to make such jaw-dropping amounts of earnings hands-free for so little time spent -- regardless of your budget, location, knowledge, experience, or interest in betting or sports!

The Exterminator Sports Betting System will show you you the clear-cut, step-by-step formula that can exploit the hidden loopholes to winning on your bets many more times than losing on them, and in turn has historically turned a simple $500 bankroll into a final balance in the hundreds of thousands -- all without ever spending more than just minutes a day!

Get onboard with me, and you can take the shortcut to sports betting stardom -- even if you're the greenest of beginners who can't tell the difference between a baseball and a basketball!


"Imagine...In less time than it takes for you to eat dinner, you can discover the explosive secrets of my sports betting system and possibly cash in on untold profits from it for life!"


My thriving betting system don't just simply let things down to chance. The Exterminator System only qualifies certain bets in certain criteria where a historic rate of winning success is realized throughout decades of punishing back-testing. Even with the original system, I've only initially dared to test it through "paper-trading" the bets that fell into play. After witnessing first-hand the lustrous streams of tear-jerking winnings pouring into my betting account like an overflowing waterfall of honey flooding into its hive...I began to turbo-charge my wagers beyond all recognition...

Within just a few short weeks, all hell began breaking loose. On some days I was systematically harvesting the sportsbooks to the tune of well over $10,000 – all while the bookmakers stood by with their heart in their hands and helplessly watched as I legally raided their coffers!

Now, I did have a large bankroll to begin with, which made it possible to make large wagers and profit like a bandit on certain days. If you're starting out with a small bankroll, you can use the Exterminator system to grow it to towering heights over time. The Exterminator system has historically turned a small bankroll into hundreds of thousands!

Whether you love sports and betting or just an regular grass-root Joe Blow just looking to make some extra cash because you're sick and tired of dragging your butt to work in that god-awful job each day, then the Exterminator Betting System has the potential to begin multiplying your profits with a rapid, airtight system that can cash in for you while the sports games are played!

Look, in this day and age of the internet any wisecracker can promise to make you gazillions, but the proof is in the pudding. My monumental amount of testimonials from thousands of real customers who have purchased and used my betting system, and attesting to how well it has worked to help them make life-changing profits in sports is a track record that no other can boast.


The Exterminator Sports Betting System is broken down into 3 forms:

The Exterminator NFL Betting System – My American football betting system has been tested to the breaking point to verify its dominating success. Starting with a $1,000 bankroll, the system generated a final balance of $44,709.59 on 44 bets spread over the years. As of the time of this writing, it has gone for an undefeated 10-0 in its last 10 bets. The Exterminator NFL Betting system hasn't had a single losing season since I backtested it from all the way back to the last decade. All of these results are fully documented and verifiable as soon as you gain access!

The Exterminator NBA Betting System - My basketball system boasts an honest-to-goodness straight wagering system that turned a $500 bankroll into a final balance of well over $100,000 in just over 300 days of daily bets.

The Exterminator MLB Betting System - My baseball betting system supplements the NFL and NBA system to help push your winning success to the limits. Certain bets in the MLB have never lost to as far back as I have tested them!



No, you won't need to be a math genius or a sports guru. In fact, as long as you're at least 9 and know how to count or push a few basic keys on your calculator, you can begin the fast-track toward transformation into sports connoisseur starting as early as tonight -- even if you know diddly-squat about betting or sports!

Just imagine what YOU can do with a cutting-edge betting system that can potentially propel your earnings to the next stratosphere. Think of the possibility to having the ticket to your own private cash register that can ring up for you at times when sports games are played, making you happier and more financially secure than you've ever been!

Award-winning pianist Scott Henderson says: "I started with a bankroll of $75 and I managed to make a profit of almost $600 this season alone thanks to Tony's system!"

Scott Henderson is an award-winning, nationally-celebrated pianist from Australia who has earned numerous accolades for his remarkable performances throughout his career.

Here's What You Can Expect From My One-
of-a-kind Exterminator Betting System

        My burning-hot Exterminator System covers the NFL (American football), NBA (basketball), and MLB (baseball)

        The all-new Exterminator Bankroll Management System that will never leave you broke, but still has the capacity to turn a $500 bankroll into hundreds of thousands over the years

        The Exterminator System exterminates all the need to buy points in bets, increase your stakes to recoup any kind of previous losses, or commit to any kind of a betting series

        You'll be making honest-to-goodness straight bets

        Most of your wagers require just $110 risk to win every $100

        My original betting system + picks for life included FREE with your purchase (the same exact system that's previously swept the industry by storm, put a major sportsbook out of business, and garnered thousands of rave reviews by celebrities and people just like you all across the globe!

        You need no betting experience. The system requires you to make very simple bets which will either be on the money line (meaning that you're betting on a team to win a game), or to cover the point spread. Covering the point spread means that you're betting on a team to stay within a certain margin, and you'll win your bet even if your team loses the game as long as the final score is within the point spread.

For example, when two NBA teams competes in a game, one team is typically better than the other. If all sports gamblers had to do was just to out pick the winning team in a game, everybody would simply wager on the best team and collect their money. The point spread is meant to make both teams as equally attractive as possible in the eyes of bettors. Let's say for example if the best team in the NBA right now is the Miami Heat, and the worst team is  the LA Lakers. Then in that scenario, the Lakers may have a point spread of say, +15, when they play against the Heat. That means in order for you to win your bet on the Lakers, all they have to do is stay within 15 points of the Heat once the game is over and you can collect your earnings.

Regardless of your betting experience, you will find it very simple to pick up and learn the basics needed to successfully use the Exterminator Betting System.

        You need no sports knowledge. The system requires you to just be aware of the teams in the major sports league, and some very basic terminologies in sports which I will explain to you in my guide. If you have no sports knowledge, it will take about 30 minutes of reviewing my guides to get yourself up to speed and be familiarized with the all the terminologies used in the Exterminator Betting System. 

        You need no interests in sports. The system requires to you to bet mechanically, so you don't need to have any interests in sports or the games themselves in order to use the system. You will never need to watch a sports game!

        You need no knowledge beyond a 5th grade math education. The system requires you to know just basic level math so you can determine how much money relative to your bankroll you should be putting down on each game. For example, the system may need you to calculate 10% of $1,000. In that case, that would be .10 * 1,000 = $100.

        My lifetime of picks emailed to you at no cost! Yes, I will email you picks from both of my Exterminator System as well as my original betting system - free for life!

       The system will need you to have a strong mind to stick to it regardless of your emotional attachments. Sometimes, the system will pick out a certain team to win which you may feel differently because you may not be convinced that such a certain team has a good likelihood to win the game. Have a mechanical approach, and never let your emotions get in the way of betting. Remember, the system has been back-tested through decades of data to determine certain scenarios where teams have won far more often than they have lost.

        A few minutes a day is all you need. You'll be checking some scores, look up schedules, and searching for certain key pieces of statistics to determine the bets that will fall into the Exterminator system criteria. This will take approximately 5 minutes a day. Or, you can also just simply rely on my emails to you. Remember, with your purchase you'll be getting lifetime system picks from me, where I'll be dedicating my time to determine all the system picks and email them to you whenever they come up!

        Only a tiny investment is needed

        Betting method is completely ethical and legal

        Do this from any walks of life from any part of the world

         Unlimited one-on-one personal support

         My "No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, Sale Not Final Until You're Fully Convinced Guarantee:" If my unrivaled Exterminator Betting System doesn't bring in the wildest winning profits you can imagine, regardless of your knowledge in sports or betting experience, then contact me and I will refund your purchase price in full. No ifs. No ands. No buts. No games. No hard feelings. No questions asked!

   Stop gambling with your hard-earned money, and start investing it into a simple, cash-spawning system that can have you begin launching a frontal assault on your bookie’s balances by the start of tomorrow!

Under my Exterminator system, you won’t be betting on every single game. Those who are chancing their opportunities for the sake of entertainment are just simply pressing their luck, and that luck will sooner or later eventually run dry.

The Exterminator system will only have you betting on particular games where the system has calculated to have extraordinarily high chances of winning success. The system takes into consideration a number of subtle yet startling factors and circumstances surrounding certain games, and determine which of them will have an exceptionally high probability of winning success based on those criteria.

There are several thousands of sports games played every season -- that's an abundance of golden opportunities for you to potentially skyrocket your bankroll into enviable prosperity!

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Mark McSherry's medications for his unrelenting depression after he lost his home, kids, and job to a nasty divorce.


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Or you may have never placed a single wager in your life. Hell, you may even be the type who pucker your brows and gnash your teeth in disgust whenever gambling is mentioned...that's fair enough...

But as long as you like the idea of jamming your pockets to the brim with potential mounds of winning profits while the sports games are played, then my Exterminator system might just transform you into one of the most cash-hungry, take-no-prisoners, winningest bettors in town!

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Decorated army veteran William McDougal says: "I have enjoyed all the wins these systems have given me!"

Throughout his honorable career, William Mcdougal was awarded with the prestigious National Defense Service Medal, SouthWest Asia Service Medal, and Humanitarian Service Medal.

I'll even throw in my original betting system that can have you profiting like wild!

Invest in my Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB betting systems today, and you'll also receive my original betting system plus picks for life - absolutely FREE! I used to sell tens of thousands of copies of this baby at $197 a pop!

The original betting system is the same exact system that's previously swept the sports betting industry by storm, put a major sportsbook out of business, and garnered thousands of rave reviews by people just like you and celebrities all over the globe.

The system will include the world-famous NBA and MLB betting system which has historically won about 97% of the time. The 97% win rate denotes to the win rate of 3-game series in the NBA and MLB, where you'll be betting that one particular team will win at least one time out of 3 certain games where the system has calculated to have an exceptionally high chance of that the team will cover.

If the first bet is lost, a 2nd bet is then made to recoup the loss on the first bet, plus to make a profit. Similarly, a final 3rd wager can potentially be placed if the first 2 bets lose in order to recoup previous losses, while also generating a profit.

Under very specific conditions as outlined in the original NBA and MLB betting system, you'd be able to precisely identify which 3-game series have a remarkable possibility of betting success.

The original systems plus picks for life which I had previously sold at $197 a pop for years are included for you free when you secure your order for my brand new Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting System today! 


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Considering that the Exterminator Betting System can give you the potential to reel in winnings for you for just minutes of your time a day, I can give you my picks on what teams to bet for and charge you thousands a month as your private sports handicapper.

That way, I can be banking in on you every month. And you know what? That could very well turn out to be the bargain of the decade seeing how your cost to hire me as your sports consultant can become trivial compared to the potential amount of heart-thumping winnings you can earn back as the games are played!

But, I'm not going to charge you thousands a month as your sports advisor. As a matter of fact, I’m not even going to ask you to pay me anything at all for my monthly service! I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you by emailing you all the picks for the Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting System whenever they come up - every day, every week, every year – for life!

Go back and read that again - I don't play games - my system picks will come delivered to your email every single time they come up, at no extra costs, for life!

So let's just pause here for a moment and ask yourself...

What kind of a price tag would it be fair for me to put on a time-tested betting system that has the power to generate for you riveting income as the sports games are played?

What kind of a price is it reasonable for me to ask for a lifetime worth of handicapping services where you'll receive my personal, full-blown dedication in sending you system picks whenever they come up - every day, every week, every year -- for life?

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“How much would you honestly pay to secure access to a system that can potentially reward you with confidence, money, wealth, knowledge, power, and financial security for the rest of your life?”


Considering the fortunes that the system can potentially make for you, I can put up a price tag in the tens of thousands and it can still be well worth every penny, knowing that it has the potential to recoup itself over and over again while spoon-feeding you with piles of cash for simply minutes a day.

But, thank your lucky star and prepare yourself for one shocking surprise.

I won’t be asking you for tens of thousands. I won’t ask you for half of that. How about $1,000? Nope! Not even half of it. Or even half of half of it! In fact, I’ll reveal to you my entire Exterminator system that you can apply for yourself year after year, along with my lifetime worth of system picks, in addition to my old betting system and lifetime picks as a free bonus -- ALL for an affordable, one-time payment of only $199.

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Major Jeff Urban is the winning recipient of the prestigious Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the third-highest award bestowed upon members of the U.S. military by the Department of Defense. He says the Exterminator system is "the best one ever created!"

Jeff Urban's heroic career in the U.S. military earned him numerous medals, including the prestigious Defense Meritorious Service Medal issued to Armed Forces members who distinguish themselves by outstanding achievement and meritorious service. He earned the U.S. Presidential Nomination #PN1963-108.

Jeff Urban is now physically handicapped after years of courageous service in the U.S. military

As much as they may try, the truth is that most bettors fail to make a profit from their craft. That’s because when you’re dealing with sports, there are just simply too many ways for things to go wrong. The sportsbooks prey on these people to aimlessly sabotage their hard-earned cash away on bets. Don't let that be you. Secure access to my Exterminator Betting System today, and you can be slamming the brakes on your past failures, hack your way toward greener pastures, and finally climb aboard the victory vessel you've always dreamed about.

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Access my Exterminator NFL, NBA, and MLB Betting System today and you can be reserving your first-class ticket to the Exterminator betting train! Each system is completely unique in its own way, and all of the betting records that I have are fully documented for you so you can see for yourself all of the results over the years before you even start placing a single wager!

Once you tap into the power of my powerful betting system, it can become horrifying how much money you would have completely missed out had you not known!

Just some of the thank you letters I've personally received in my mailbox from people just like you!

Let's recap everything you'll be getting when
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        The Exterminator NFL Betting System for American Football

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        The Original NBA and MLB Betting System: $197.00 FREE

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Here's how I roll: This sale won't be considered final until you are fully, wholly, and completely convinced that my betting system is everything as I've said it is. If for ANY reason you’re not happy with the Exterminator sports betting system after your purchase, just contact me for a full refund, and you'll have 60 full days to make up your mind! No ifs. No ands. No buts. No games. No questions asked. No hard feelings!


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The simple secret to making money is not to miss out on opportunities. NHL's All-Time Great Wayne Gretzky once famously stated that "You Miss 100% of the Shots You Never Take."  Don't let this be the one potential winning shot to lifelong fortune you'll miss out on for the rest of your life!

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Furthermore, as part of my purchase, I will also receive your original MLB and NBA systems for free as a 100% bonus gift. This is the same system that you had sold previously at $197 each, and was the best-selling betting system of all time. I understand that this is the same exact betting system that drove a major sportsbook out of business, and has garnered thousands of rave reviews from customers all over globe. Plus, I will also receive lifetime picks from you for these original systems as well!

Finally, I understand that I can request for a full refund for any reason within 60 days if I am not happy with your Exterminator Betting System, making this purchase completely risk-free for me!

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